Reclamation is the process of material retrieved from its original application for purposes of subsequent use. Most reclaimed material comes from timbers, bricks and decking rescued from old barns, factories and warehouses, although some companies use reclaimed material from less traditional structures such as boxcars, trailers and packaging. Reclaimed or antique material is used primarily for decoration and home building, for example for siding, architectural details, vintage faucets, cabinetry, furniture, lighting, doors and flooring.


Our Repurposing Program: Removal Guidelines for Delivery to Retail Outlet


Lumber & Wood Flooring:

  • Band all lumber six (6) feet and longer; 48” wide and 36” high. Tag lumber by dimensional size.
  • Salvage all finished T&G flooring; unitize in bundles by lengths and band.


  • Remove doors with jambs attached. Screw the lower portion of the jamb to the door. Band or wrap for delivery.


  • Remove with the frames and sashes intact and the windows locked. Wood windows ONLY. Band or wrap for delivery.


  • Replace doors and drawers following detachment. Remove all exposed nails and screws. Secure cabinets with shrink wrap for delivery.

Plumbing Fixtures:

  • Clean sinks and toilets and remove debris.

Electrical Fixtures:

  • Remove all screws, caps and brackets that are integral to the fixture and place them in a sealed plastic bag. Secure bag to the fixture.


  • Ensure carpet is clean and dry. Measure before rolling. Roll carpets inward with backing on the outside, and secure with tape; mark size in feet and inches on the outside of roll.